Division of Professional Studies at UMBC Seeking Marketing Graduate Assistant

Job Title:

Marketing Graduate Assistant for the Division of Professional Studies at UMBC.

Typical Duties:

  • Manage data entry and maintain large amounts of data
  • Assist with department reporting initiatives through research and analysis of data, and present findings through clear reporting
  • Assist with email marketing campaigns, including: maintaining email schedules, testing emails, overseeing email distributions and managing email lists
  • Assist in gathering content for social media marketing
  • Help maintain various myUMBC accounts by regularly posting content
  • Occasionally designing flyers and hand-outs and distribute flyers across campus
  • Represent the department at various in-person events
  • Assist/participate in other day-to-day marketing projects, such as survey production, office organization and brainstorming sessions


  • An outgoing and responsible graduate student, or senior who plans to stay at UMBC for graduate school
  • Organized, efficient and able to manage several projects simultaneously
  • Efficient at using the internet and other resources for research
  • Capable of compiling and presenting research to the marketing team
  • Capable of writing and communicating clearly
  • Have a basic understanding of marketing
  • Skills in graphic design, writing or past experience in social media marketing a plus

The chosen candidate can begin during spring/summer 2015 at an intern status. Full graduate assistant position offered starting Fall 2015. Interested candidates can email by 5/11/15: professionals@umbc.edu. No in-person applications accepted.

About the Division of Professional Studies:

The Division of Professional Studies at UMBC offers a variety of high-quality master’s, graduate certificates, special courses and non-degree training programs. Building on UMBC’s strength in cutting-edge research and academic excellence, these programs provide relevant skills, knowledge and credentials in high-demand areas of study.


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