Postdoc Morning Coffee: “Developing a Teaching Portfolio” (10/29)

w/ Dr. Linda Hodges, Director – Faculty Development Center

Postdocs from all disciplines are encouraged to attend this workshop on “Developing a Teaching Portfolio.”

Teaching portfolios are increasingly expected of candidates who are applying for faculty positions. In this workshop, we will discuss what goes into your portfolio, how to construct your teaching philosophy, how to highlight your accomplishments and future contribution, and what kind of supporting documents you need.

Dr. Linda C. Hodges, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs & Director of the Faculty Development Center will be leading this workshop.

Wednesday, 10/29/14, 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Commons 318

Breakfast refreshments will be provided.


2 responses to “Postdoc Morning Coffee: “Developing a Teaching Portfolio” (10/29)

  1. Dr.Hodges graduate student presentations are so useful, enjoyable and helpful; many thanks for them!
    How might, or would the material presented at this coffee be applicable to graduate students who will be seeking part-time teaching positions? What backgrounds, earlier teaching experiences, or other characteristics are hoped for in the target audience?

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