Office of Graduate Student Life Announces New Writing Advisor and Travel & Research Coordinator

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Deborah Kadiri and Kelly Daughtridge.

Deborah Kadiri, new GSA Writing Advisor.  Deborah is a second year Texts, Technology & Literature master’s student and UMBC graduate.  She is now accepting Writing Advisor appointments. If you are interested in meeting with Deborah for an appointment, email your requests to (Attn: Writing Advisor.)  Please remember to submit no more than 10 pages!

Kelly Daughtridge, new GSA Travel & Research Coordinator. Kelly is a first year History master’s student and UMBC graduate.

And returning to the OGSL team:

Inte’a DeShields (Language, Literacy & Culture doctoral student) has graciously accepted the GSA Communications Manager position (formerly titled Administrative Coordinator).

Stephanie Ward, GSA Community Liaison (second year TESOL master’s student and UMBC graduate) will remain in the position for Fall Semester 2014.


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