GSA Accepting Applications for Writing Advisor Position (GA)

GSA Accepting Applications for Writing Advisor Position (GA)

Applications will be accepted until this position is filled

 Writing Advisor Position Job Duties:

• Provides advice and support for all phases of graduate student writing and oral assignments, including organization, drafting, and editing

• Assists graduate students with using grammar, sentence structure, and style appropriate for each academic task

• Advises graduate students on a variety of documents, including essays, papers, applications, resumes, thesis & dissertation chapters

• Maintains relationships with repeat advisees and meet the needs of one-time advisees

• Supports both native and non-native speakers of English, as well as students from a variety of disciplines

• In addition to individual sessions, the Writing Advisor is responsible for conducting a yearly writing workshop for UMBC’s Promise Success Seminar series. A familiarity with various style guides is helpful

• Attend weekly OGSL team meetings, monthly Senate meetings, GSA Social Hours, Graduate Student Week events, the Graduate Research Conference, and Graduate School sponsored events

• Collaborate with the OGSL team & GSA Executive Board to implement GSA’s mission

• Staff the GSA Office 20 hours a week and attend to miscellaneous office work when necessary

• Knowledgeable of the Graduate Student Handbook, The Graduate School & GSA policies

• Conduct occasional workshops on writing strategies relevant to graduate work (cover letter writing, citation use, essay prose, etc.)

• Promote Writing Advisor role and services to UMBC graduate community

• Update, maintain and advertise Writing Advisor website content

Appointment runs from August 10. 2014 – June 13. 2015 

• Full time stipend

• Up to ten (10) credits of tuition remission per semester

• GA Health Care coverage is offered

For more information, CLICK HERE.


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