UMBC BreakingGround Grants (Next deadline 5/30)

UMBC BreakingGround Grants (Next deadline 5/30)

UMBC’s BreakingGround initiative awards grants of $500 to $2,000 to UMBC faculty and student organizations to implement educational and community-building courses and programs that foster civic agency: the capacity to initiate and make meaningful contributions to social change. Click here to view the grant application.

Examples of BreakingGround funded courses include:

  • Mapping Baybrook: Arts, History, and Culture in the Classroom and Community (Nicole King and Stephen Bradley)
  • Mill Stories (Bill Shrewbridge and Michelle Stefano)
  • Race, Poverty and Gender in Baltimore (Jodi Kelber-Kaye)
  • Space and Place in Public Art and Urbanism (Preminda Jacob)
  • Engineers Without Borders (Lee Blaney)
  • Theater of Lived Experience (Alan Kreizenbeck)
  • Studies in Feminist Activism (Kate Drabinski)
  • Environmental Justice (Dawn Biehler)
  • Power, Place and Identity (Theodore Gonzalves)
  • Impacting Baltimore through Engineering (Panos Charalambides)
  • West Side Stories: Public History and Urban Revitalization (Denise D. Meringolo)
  • Learning from Older Americans (Carolyn Forestiere)
  • Technological Solutions for Accessibility (Amy Hurst)


This application must be connected to a UMBC office, department or recognized student organization. Funds are awarded by the BreakingGround Course or Project Grant Committees. We seek proposals that reflect BreakingGround themes and help to position participants make meaningful contributions to the campus and/or surrounding community.


The BreakingGround Course Committee and Project Grant Committee are available to help applicants at all stages of their proposal writing process. The committees can help applicants with brainstorming (for those who are early in their planning process) and refining proposal drafts.

This post originally appeared in UMBC Insights.


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