Project by Charlotte Keniston, IMDA, in Peace Corps Blog

MFA candidate and Shriver Peaceworker Fellow, Charlotte Keniston was featured this week in the National Peace Corps Association blog. The article, “Returned Volunteer Takes on Food Deserts of Baltimore,” discusses an ongoing project by Keniston that tackles food challenges in Baltimore. Keniston cites her Peace Corps experience in Guatemala and her involvement as a Shriver Fellow as a major influence in her work saying, “While in Guatemala, I spent a lot of time cooking and eating with people. I learned that healthy food doesn’t just nourish the body, but growing food and eating it together can also nourish the community . . . The conversations I had in weekly Peaceworker sessions challenged me to view my neighborhood through a ‘Peace Corps’ lens- to see the possibility for positive change.”

Learn more about Keniston’s work, including her A Full Plate project — in which Baltimore area participants “discuss what food means to them in relation to their families, their communities, their health, power, place and spirituality” – at her website. Her work will be on display in the 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition at the CADVC this April.

This post originally appeared in UMBC Insights.


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