Career Q&A: Mark DeNome ’07, ’10, Program Auditor

Every so often, Retrievernet will chat with an alum about what they do and how they got there. On this occasion, they are talking with program auditor Mark DeNome ’07, emergency health services, ’10, master’s of public policy, about the path he took to UMBC and — ultimately — a career he truly loves.

Mark DeNome

Name: Mark DeNome
Job Title: Program Auditor
Employer: BNL Incorporated
Scholarships Received at UMBC: President’s Fellow Scholarship; Bill Hathaway Award

Q: Tell us a little about how you wound up at UMBC. What’s your background?

A: I was born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, by a single mother on a teacher’s salary. I was already well-acquainted with the primary in-state university most of my classmates selected; however, I knew for a true personal advancement, I would need to find an out-of-state school where I might get significant financial aid. I had a great experience on my campus tour, where I heard the inspiring Freeman Hrabowski speak and came across an exciting major in EHS that was new to me.  Read more here:

This article was originally posted on Retrievernet, UMBC’s Alumni Community


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