Robert Deluty, Associate Dean, Publishes his 41st Book

Robert Deluty, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, has published a new book, titled “Entering Through the Window.” In his review, Dr. Ronald Pies writes:

“Robert Deluty’s poems truly do ‘enter through the window,’ surprising and sometimes startling us into new awareness. At times, we experience these short poems with the intensity of a Zen koan; at times, with the power of a perfectly timed joke, as in ‘Yom Kippur/ the quarter-Jewish man/ skipping dessert’ or ‘offered horseradish/ their teen declines, stating/ she’s a vegan.’ As we have come to expect with this prolific poet of the microcosm, Deluty manages to reveal an entire world through a very small window.”

“Entering Through the Window,” as well as Dr. Deluty’s other books, may be purchased at the UMBC Bookstore.


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