Think Entrepreneurship! Millennial Media’s CTO speaks! (4/15)

Are You Ready to Get Started? w/ UMBC Alum Chris Brandenburg


The Raymond V. Haysbert, Sr. Entrepreneurship Lecture*

Chris Brandenburg
Co-founder, Executive Vice President & CTO
Millennial Media, Inc.
(UMBC Alum of the CSEE Department (M.S. and B.S.))

Are You Ready To Get Started?

Co-Sponsored by The College of Engineering and Information Systems

Small businesses are the engine of our economy, yet there remain so many self-imposed barriers to launching your own startup. How can I start a company? I don’t know how to setup a legal entity! How do I launch a product? Where will I get funding? These questions hold so many great ideas back from seeing the light of day, especially for those still in school or early in their careers. If you have the basic tenets of the entrepreneurial spirit, you owe it to yourself to overcome these barriers and explore the possibilities.

In this discussion, Chris will share his experiences in three successful start-ups and talk about some of the key traits that have led to many successful entrepreneurs. He will provide a few key introspective questions to help you assess whether you are really ready to take the leap and get started!

Chris is the co-founder and CTO of Millennial Media Inc. Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising platform company where they build a platform for mobile phone developers to more easily build applications and generate revenue through advertising. Millennial Media went public in 2012 and was the second biggest opening day gain of the year.

For more information contact Vivian Armor (

Monday, 4/15/13, 12:00 – 1:00 pm, UC Ballroom Lounge

*All content regarding the lecture was provided by, and is owned by the Alex. Brown Center for Entrepreneurship. We thank Vivian Armour and the Center for reaching out to the community to share the invitation for this event.


PROMISE and The Graduate School at UMBC advertise this event in partnership with the Alex. Brown Center to expose graduate students to a variety of Pathways to Careers.


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