English Department Announces New M.A. Program

The English department is pleased to announce the new Master of Arts in Texts, Technologies, and Literature.

This program, which will welcome its first students this fall, provides an opportunity for advanced students to further their understanding of literature and a broad array of other texts, including digital, academic and those that function in everyday use, in relation to both historical and contemporary culture.

The M.A. is designed to accommodate students with a variety of interests and career paths, including those who are considering an academic career in English, whether in rhetoric and composition, communication and media studies, or literature; those interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in UMBC’s language, literacy, and culture program; high school teachers looking for advanced training; and those entering communications, editorial, and/or digital media professions. Students may specialize in the study of print-based or multi-modal texts of particular periods or genres; rhetoric, communication, and composition; or language use and production in various settings. Students in the program will explore a range of literatures in English and a variety of textual forms, media and practices in relation to their cultural contexts develop advanced skills in reading, analyzing, and writing about texts, from the lyric poem to digital work in multi-media, and have the opportunity to study language in use in various settings, or to specialize in the study of communication or the teaching of composition.

Qualified undergraduate students may also apply for the accelerated B.A./M.A. program, which permits advanced undergraduate students to take courses at the graduate level while earning their B.A.

The program is currently accepting applications. For more information, including admissions requirements and how to apply, please visit the program website.


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