Vibrant Living Wellness Workshops for Faculty, Staff, and Students (2/12)

Molly Shattuck Vibrant Living is a back-to-basics approach to leading a healthier lifestyle which focuses on four pillars of choice:  to Exercise, Eat Real Food, Drink Water, and Volunteer.  Together this combination creates a virtuous circle providing the energy, clear thinking, and physical ability to do all the activities desired in life. This will lead to living a life with intention and purpose.

In this program, you will learn:

  • Why the four pillars are the foundation of good health.
  • The difference between habits and discipline.
  • The components of the 21 Day Challenge.
  • Healthy Habits to Change Your Life, and
  • 10 Eating Essentials.

You will develop personal goals tailored to what’s most important to you. Regardless of your age, the combination of daily exercise, seven or more hours of sleep each night, adequate hydration with water, planned volunteering, and choosing to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits can help you stay healthy, happy, and energized. Commit to Vibrant Living and be in control of your own health.

Registration deadline is February 4th.

Please register at:

Get a flyer with details at:

Tuesday, 2/12/13, 4:00 – 5:00 pm, University Center 312


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