UMBC Employee Dissertation House Participant Profile: Dr. Susan Mitchell

Dr. Susan Mitchell is an aluma of UMBC who graduated in 1979 with a B.S. in Psychology. After graduation she was hired as a clerical assistant by Technology Service Corporation (TSC).  However, based on a summer internship at the National Bureau of Standards (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)), she was able to use her previous programming experience to switch from her clerical job at TSC into a programming position at the same firm. She became one of the first female programmers at TSC. To further her computer science training, she enrolled in a master’s degree program in computer science at The Johns Hopkins University, where she received her MS degree in 1983.  In 1990, she decided that she would like to teach and obtained a position as a faculty member in the Computer Science Department at Montgomery College in Rockville. In 2000, she returned to UMBC as a Lecturer in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering Department, and in 2004 decided to pursue her PhD at UMBC to increase her knowledge in the field of software engineering. She has been teaching computer science and software engineering courses at UMBC for the past 13 years.  Dr. Mitchell participated in several Dissertation Houses to write her proposal and her dissertation. On May 18, 2012, she will receive her PhD in Information Systems.

Congratulations, Dr. Mitchell!

To learn more about Dissertation House, please visit:


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