Congratulations to the Oral & Poster Presentation Winners from the 2012 Graduate Research Conference

UMBC’s 33rd Annual Graduate Research Conference (GRC) took place on Friday, April 27, 2012 with over 100 graduate students giving oral and poster presentations.  The purpose of GRC is to provide graduate students at any stage of their research the opportunity to present in an interdisciplinary setting to their peers, mentors, and to other faculty.  This research conference is organized by the Graduate Student Association (GSA) of the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). GSA is a student run organization that acts as a liaison between graduate students and the Graduate School as well as to UMBC faculty and staff.  GSA not only supports students by offering them travel and research grants, but also by organizing a variety of services and social programs such as Graduate Student Week, Recyclemania and Orientation events.

GSA would like to congratulate the following oral & poster presentation winners of 2012!

Session I:

Oral Presentations:
Tory Williams  (Biological Sciences)
Steven J. Manning  (Chemistry/Biochemistry)
Hessam Majd  (Mechanical Engineering)
Jared Dixon  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering )
Heidi Faust  (Language, Literacy, & Culture)

Poster Presentations:
Kartik Joshi  (Chemistry/Biochemistry)
Reed Espinosa  (Physics)
Preston Greene  (Psychology)

Session II:

Oral Presentations:
Daniel Orozco  (Physics)
Natasha P. Wilson  (Chemical/Biochemical & Environmental Engineering)
Huimin Qian  (Information Systems)
Joshua Austin  (Mathematics & Statistics)
Felicia Alderman  (Sociology & Anthropology)

Poster Presentations:
Jennifer Sleeman  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering )
Haley Martin  (Geography )
Ashwinkumar Ganesan  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)
Sumit S. More  (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering)


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