Postdoc and Faculty Jobs “Down Under.” Consider Australia!

We have several alumni who have taken postdocs and faculty positions outside of the U.S.  For example, some of our recent Dissertation House graduates are in postdoctoral or faculty positions in France, Egypt, Argentina and other places around the world.  Some of our Summer Success Institute speakers have also taken time to work overseas.  For example, Dr. Hector Carlo (recently received tenure) and Dr. Cristina Pomales of the Industrial Engineering Department at the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez, are now visiting professors at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands.

On March 7, 2012, 12-2PM, in Commons 329, UMBC will sponsor a seminar on what it is like to work at universities in other countries.  This workshop is sponsored as part of the “PROF-it: Professors-in-Training” and “PBB: Professors Beyond Borders” divisions of PROMISE. The workshop will feature faculty who have worked at other universities outside of the U.S. We look forward to learning from their experiences.

Dr. Robert Deluty, Associate Dean of The Graduate School at UMBC and Associate Professor of Psychology, has shared the following listings (available at  with us to provide information to all graduate students and postdocs.  Please share these listings with your friends and colleagues.  When you read the listings,  please note that “departments” are referred to as “faculties”, so a U.S. “Department of Engineering” would be referred to as  ”Faculty of Engineering.”

Consider something new!  Consider Australia!

This post attributed to PROMISE: Maryland’s AGEP:


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