IES Announces Change in CPT Policies for International Students

The IES office recently announced a change in the CPT (Curricular Practical Training) policies for international students holding F-1 status.  CPT is used to give F-1 students the opportunity to work in paid internship positions off campus, and previously required that students be enrolled in a least 1 academic credit for the work experience, as required by federal immigration regulation.  

After carefully researching the regulations and working closely with the Graduate School, Shriver Center and Registrar’s Office, IES is happy to announce that effective immediately, F-1 students can choose to enroll in the PRAC course through the Shriver Center, instead of academic credit, to meet the enrollment requirement of CPT.  The PRAC course is a notation on a student’s transcript and is NOT academic credit, and thus does not carry a cost (though a small fee may be applicable if you use their services to find an internship).  Students are still required to meet their full-time enrollment credit count during the fall and spring semesters, as the PRAC notation does not count for credit.  

The CPT application will be updated appropriately in the week ahead.  F-1 students should refer to the detailed email sent to them last Friday Jan 27, 2012, or email the IES office at with additional questions.


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