Update on Phishing Emails

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) has seen a recent phishing attack that claims to be from the UMBC Graduate School (see sample below).  These attacks, called phishing, are becoming tailored to look like an official UMBC message and Login page.  The goal of these attackers is to get people to provide their password and other sensitive information.

The emails typically encourage you to provide sensitive information or risk having your account locked.  The phishing emails ask you to provide this information by  clicking on a link that is a FAKE login.

Please remember to look in the browser address pane and make sure any web address you login with is part of UMBC.EDUIf ever in doubt simply do not respond or submit information. 

Though the link in the sample email below has already been blocked by Google, if you have received this and similar messages, we encourage you to use Google’s web interface to “report phishing“.  When viewing an email via the Gmail web interface there is a small triangle pointing down located in the upper right hand corner of the message.  If you click on this inverted triangle you get additional options, one of which is to report this email as phishing.

 Here is a SAMPLE or the recent email:


From: UMBC NEWS FORUM <donnoack1@optusnet.com.au>
Date: Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 9:44 PM

Great news!
You can now login to your UMBC  news forum and get the latest exciting
information and news/update. Please use the database link
to login for more information about this service.

©2012 UMBC Graduate School,
University of Maryland,
Baltimore County • 1000
Hilltop Circle, Baltimore,
MD 21250



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