PROMISE @ UMBC: Graduate Student Development

As we begin a new semester, we’d like to invite you to take advantage of graduate student development opportunities sponsored by the PROMISE Program.  These opportunities take a variety of forms such as Success Seminars, PROF-it (Professors-in-Training) workshops, and Dissertation House.

The PROMISE Program at UMBC is proud to support the academic and professional development of graduate students from all backgrounds and in all fields.  Programs of PROMISE are sponsored by the UMBC Graduate School and the National Science Foundation.  Broadly, graduate students can participate in PROMISE regardless of their status (full-time, part-time), ethnicity, citizenship, discipline, or source of funding. Narrowly, students who are underrepresented will be strongly supported as they utilize the services and resources of PROMISE; these students can be encouraged to consider PROMISE to be one of their major mechanisms of support.

Stay tuned for upcoming seminars and events!  To learn more visit:


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