UMBC Employee Dissertation House Participant Profile: Dr. Yvette Mozie-Ross

So many people are leaders in their respective careers, but they haven’t been able to take the time to finish their dissertation.  We in The Graduate School support the Employee Dissertation House to help employees accomplish their long-term professional development goals.  We want to take a moment to say congratulations to one of our UMBC Employee Dissertation House participants, Dr. Yvette Mozie-Ross, Associate Provost For Enrollment Management, who finished her PhD this semester at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Dr. Mozie-Ross has been a member of the UMBC community since 1984 when she came here to pursue her undergraduate degree.  After graduation she landed her first full-time job at UMBC in Residence Life, then moved to Undergraduate Admissions, and subsequently into her current position in Enrollment Management.

Congratulations, Dr. Mozie-Ross!

To learn more about Dissertation House, please visit:


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