GAANN Fellowship Awards Application Due Date: 1/20/12

PLEASE NOTE:  The GAANN Fellowship Awards are institutional awards.  They are not something that individual students can apply to directly.

U.S. Dept. of Education is accepting applications for Fiscal Year 2012 GAANN awards.  Approximately 175 new awards will be made, at an estimated average amount of $175,900 though this may change as a result of final FY 12 appropriations.  GAANN fellowships are available to institutions whose graduate students are pursuing the highest degree available in their field, are financially in need of assistance, and are excelling academically.  Applications must be for the following fields of study:  Area Studies; Biological Sciences/Life Sciences; Chemistry; Computer and Information Sciences; Engineering; Foreign Languages and Literatures; Mathematics; Nursing; Physics; and Educational Evaluation, Research, and Statistics.  Student stipend amounts will be equal to those awarded through NSF Graduate Research Fellowships.  Applications are due by January 20. 

More information is available at:


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