Grad Students: Learning Styles for Classroom Teaching (12/2)

PROF-it: Preparation for the Professoriate Seminar

Discover your own learning style
Explore ways to manage a classroom of students with *different* learning styles

Join us for an interactive PROF-it Seminar as Drs. Suzanne Braunschweig and Lili Cui lead a workshop on learning styles!

A note from the Speakers:

We look forward to our seminar on Learning Styles for Classroom Teaching! To be a better teacher in the classroom, it’s useful to know
your own learning style and teaching style. Please fill out the following
online surveys and bring the results to our session. Each survey should not take more than 10 minutes.

– Suzanne and Lili

Students who are interested in being nominated for the UMBC/CCBC $2000
Teaching Fellows program should be participating in the Blackboard
Community group for PROF-it.

You may attend the seminar regardless of your interest in the CCBC
program. You do not have to be a TA to attend. Postdocs are welcome to

Click here to let us know you’re coming:

Friday, 12/2/11, 12:00 – 2:00 pm, Commons 329

This is a brown bag seminar. Please bring your lunch with you.


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