UMBC Erickson School and Social Sciences in the News

It has been a big week for UMBC’s social science faculty in the national media. A new feature in the Chronicle for Higher Education highlights UMBC’s Erickson School, noting its success with attracting students to careers in aging services through new and engaging multimedia and interdisciplinary courses. Dean Judah Ronch says the number of students enrolled in aging-related courses at UMBC has grown from 290 to 750 over the past two years. Program graduates have moved on to work in industries from consumer goods to travel and transportation, in addition to traditional sectors like senior housing and medical services.

Also this week, UMBC economic professor Dennis Coates offered his expertise in sports economics for a Washington City Paper story on diminished seating at FedEx Field. Don Norris, public policy department chair, reflected on redistricting in Maryland for the Washington Post, arguing that those managing the process have placed political self-interest ahead of fairness and civic values: “It’s not about good government. It’s not about democracy. It’s about control.”


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