GSA Treasurer Open Position Announcement

 2011-2012 GSA Treasurer Position

Available Immediately

The UMBC Graduate Student Association (GSA) has an immediate opening for the GSA Treasurer. The GSA Treasurer sits on the GSA Executive Board which meets weekly. The duties include:

  • Responsible for developing and submitting an annual budget, that allocates GSA’s money in accordance with its goals, to the Senate for approval at the first GSA Senate meeting of the academic year
  • Responsible for authorizing and monitoring all expenditures made by the GSA and for ensuring that GSA spends within budgeted limits, and that funds are allocated to students and groups in accordance with the written policies of the GSA
  • Responsible for maintaining the budget, monitoring GSA funds throughout the year, and making reports of spending and financial issues at Senate meetings
  • Serve as the chair for any committee dealing with GSA financial matters
  • Work with other GSA members and University personnel to make sure GSA’s money is used appropriately
  • Monitor and help GSA comment on finance policy issues
  • Represent the GSA’s position at the Fee Forum
  • Evaluate major spending decisions
  • Work with Vice-President and Community Liaison to help graduate organizations budget and finance their annual activities

The GSA Treasurer earns a $3,000 stipend annually paid out in two installments at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

To apply, please send an email to with a 200 word or less explanation of why you are qualified and interested in the GSA Treasurer position, a resume, and a copy of unofficial transcripts. Please apply by Monday, September 26 at 4:00 pm.

Questions: please email Thanks for your interest!!!!


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