E-Refunds for Students Coming in October

Beginning in October of 2011, UMBC will transition from issuing student refunds via paper checks to E-Refunds (electronic deposit of refunds).

Parent refunds will continue to be issued via paper checks.

Why Direct Deposit?

  • Students will have access to refunds much sooner!
  • Provides convenient access to refunds, on and off campus, via a debit card.
  • Eliminates refund checks lost in the mail.
  • Provides efficient customer support, easy online tracking of refunds and immediate text message notifications, as soon as refunds are available.
  • Supports the campus “green” initiatives.

How It Will Work

  • Students will receive the UMBC Student Refund Card (a MasterCard Debit Card offered by UMBC & Higher One) in the mail, in October.
  • They will go online and select to have their student refunds deposited to the Student Refund Card OR provide their own banking information, to have refunds deposited to an existing account of their choosing.

Direct inquiries regarding the new Student Refund Card to Student Business Services at ext. 5-2288.

For more information on the Student Refund Card please visit www.umbc.edu/sbs/erefunds.


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