University Counseling Services Planning to Sponsor a Dissertation Support Group

UMBC’s University Counseling Services would like to start a “Dissertation Support Group” for 2011-2012.  The dissertation support group will help graduate students initiate, conduct, and complete their research and/or dissertation. Group members set goals and report on their progress in reaching these goals each week. The challenges and difficulties of the writing and research process are also discussed, as are strategies to help group members find success with their writing and research endeavors. Topics discussed include motivation, time and workload management, self-doubt, balancing academic responsibilities with personal life demands, and working with faculty.

In order to gauge interest and availability, the Counseling Center is asking for information regarding preferred days and times.

Please consider posting your interest and preferred meeting day and time at this link by clicking “I can attend” and posting a comment.

You may also call Counseling Services (410-455-2472) and ask that your message be given to Dr. Emilie Stuber, the leader of the group.

Please call or post your comments by September 2, 2011.


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