UMBC’s English Language Institute (ELI) Receives Approval from ETS to Offer Institutional TOEFL

UMBC’s English Language Institute (ELI) is pleased to announce approval from ETS to offer the institutional TOEFL at the ELI. You may soon begin to see these score reports as part of students’ applications.

The institutional TOEFL is exactly like the regular TOEFL that is offered at testing centers (including that it will be scored by ETS), but there are a few key differences:

  • Only current UMBC and UMBC ELI students are eligible to sit for the institutional TOEFL.
  •  The institutional TOEFL is much less expensive for students – only $30, compared to $170 at most US testing centers.
  •  Because of the deep discount offered, the scores from the institutional TOEFL taken at the ELI will only be valid for UMBC undergraduate and graduate degree programs – not for programs at other institutions.

 The English Language Institute will first offer the institutional TOEFL this month – on April 29, 2011.  Students can register now at the ELI.

 Please join us in celebrating this new convenient option for our students and programs.  Any questions can be directed to Yuliya England, Assistant Director for Academic Programs at, or Sarah Gardenghi, Acting Director of the ELI at


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