Graduate Student Study Saturday (3/12)

Would you come out on a Saturday to study with your peers?

We are thinking about sponsoring a “Study Saturday” where you can come together on campus to work on your proposals, study for exams, and work on projects. 

Would you be interested in participating in a 9-5 “Study Saturday” on March 12? You can be at any stage in your graduate career at UMBC. This would be an opportunity for ALL graduate students, at any level (first year students through Ph.D. Candidates, part-time and full-time students.) If more than 40 graduate students say “yes”, we will look into making plans for room reservations and catering. Our plan would be to provide you with a productive place to study, a community of peers for connection, and food to sustain you throughout the day.

Click here to participate in this poll.  Your opinion is important to us.  And remember also to click on the yellow “paw” in the upper left corner!


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